Catálogo de Arquitectura de Managua

The Catálogo de Arquitectura de Managua (Architecture Catalogue of Managua) is a collection of important buildings and infrastructure projects in Managua, Nicaragua. This research work on historical but also non-historical constructions started as preparatory study for the research project on urban studies urban_managua and will be continued for two more years. This project should lead to a publication and the first architecture guide of the city of Managua.

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of historical value of architecture and urban design in cities in constant transition. The identity of a city is mainly generated by it’s built environment and the stories behind this historical places. Managua has no system of addresses, but refers always to important buildings and shops (eg. donde fue la Vici, i.e. where the shop “Vici” used to be before the earthquake) and the historical (and still existing) typical colonial street names with calles (east to west) and avenidas (north to south) are hardly used. So there is collective memory of space, but without buildings.

The buildings and constructions works in this catalogue are mainly categorized by its year of inauguration and leading designers of the works. Non of the historic builds are protected by national monumental protection laws and most of them are in precarious conditions, some of them are remains and ruin-like left-overs after the 1972 earthquake. Some of the historical buildings in the mere center of Managua are informally inhabited by city dwellers.

The collection represent public buildings, parks, squares, infrastructure works, public art, urban interventions and urban design projects as well as urbanization projects. The selection is based on a observations by the author and was completed by interviews and reviews by Arq. Nelson Brown Barquero and the Nicaraguan historian Ing. Eddy Kuhl. The preliminary research was carried out together with Eva Händler and Carmen Trifina.

The research is work-in-progress, the collection is growing – but for now enjoy the preliminary results.

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