Vienna Main Station Urban Development

Urban Development and Planning of new Vienna Main Station in Vienna. Coordination of Urban Planning and Development. Designing a strategy for Marketing and Real Estate Development, develop and prepare the land (former industrial and infrastructure area) for the selling to Investors. Obtaining the zoning and pre-building permission for mixed use developments. Elaboration of tenders for the Bid-process. Elaboration of Business Plans and Strategies (pre feasibility studies); Organization of Architectural Competitions; Contracting (Consulting Agreements, Construction Contracts, Purchase Agreements, etc.).

Hauptbahnhof Wien / Verkehrsstation
Birdview from the visitors-center bahnorama

Nature of project
Urban Development and Planning, 110 ha, brownfield development, Housing and technical and social Infrastructure, EU funded (TEN Network)

City of Vienna (AT), Austrian Federal Railways (AT), European Union (EU)

Responsibilities and tasks carried out
Urban planning and development coordination.

Time frame
Since 2010

Development and re-development process of parts of the Main Station Project


Some pictures of the transformation of the space.