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Wonderland celebrates its eleventh anniversary with the exhibtion ‘wonderlab’ at the Architekturzentrum Wien (AZW) and other possible follow-ups in the Central Eastern European (CEE) region. With this exhibition format, wonderland – the platform for European architecture aims to represent its network of young and/or emerging architects and urbanists, its eleven years existence and experience as social sustainable and relevant architectural network and wants to evoke an exchange of contemporary tendencies in architecture and urbanism.

The wonderlab is an urban research lab and think tank, which is dealing with social relevant tendencies in architecture and urbanism. Within this interactive, processing and constantly growing exhibition, young teams deal with social and spatial relevant issues in the crossroads of urban transformation processes and immanent transition of urban and transitory areas. As a reference to the past, the wonderland archive will deliver material and know how of previous wonderland activities and projects. The exhibition also displays the current working fields and the projects of the European architecture practices. The wonderlab is also hosting a series of accompanying events like a series of movies with the format ‘movies in wonderland’, the discussion format ‘Blind Date’ and lectures.

‘wonderlab – 24 HOUR CITY – all inclusive’
An active camp structure is the frame for the wonderlab – the temporary urban laboratory in the AZW. The wonderlab is an experimental exhibition and steps out into the courtyard of the AZW and makes it a temporary living space and urban garden for 2,5 weeks in August 2013. The wonderlab will host temporary living facilities in the courtyard, a kitchen and a living room. The key activity is a workshop area – equipped with a huge discussion table and workstation for the urban laboratory and production area. The lab works together with the exhibition of the wonderland members, the wonderland-archive and the other events like lectures and inputs from international experts, blind dates as well as excursions. The wonderlab also will host the first Viennese Architectural Film Festival on eight evenings. For the visitors the wonderlab is a big happening, which aims to provoke discussions with the stakeholders of the urban development in Vienna. The wonderlab is a chance to promote social responsible architecture and involve a broader public into topics of social inclusion in architecture and urbanism.

The wonderland archive is a open dictionary and collected memory of wonderland in its eleven years history. The past events of wonderland projects like project space, blind dates, ‘Underconstructions’, videos, press articles, publications like ‘Manual for Emerging Architects’ and ‘Travelogue’ will be put into a new order and presented to the public in four categories:
>  present / reflect
>  combine / link
>  act / intervene
>  involve / acitvate

Those categories stand for the development of the network in phases and describe the main columns of activities of wonderland. Best practice projects and case studies will be presented on a billboard in the four categories. The visitor is able to dig even deeper into the history of the eleven years history of wonderland in shelves and racks. A movie of wonderland activities in the past three years will present wonderland to the visitors. During the itinerant exhibition the wonderland-archive will constantly extended with new material.

‘Open Call – actual tendencies and questions in architecture and urban planning’
This part of the exhibition deals with the working situation and current projects of architects and urbanists. Through an open call new working fields, innovative projects, unusual approaches and grass root initiatives in urban design, architectural design and research in Europe will be collected and discussed. The result of this open call is a collage of projects and curated objects, which are used in urban interventions in the public space and innovative iniciatives and strategies.


Apply with a realized/unrealized project of yours and get exhibited in the wonderlab exhibition at Architekturzentrum Wien in Vienna / AT. You will also obtain the opportunity of being selected to participate in wonderland’s first architect in residence program. You will work with international colleagues and local experts in developing an innovative and sustainable strategy for the projected area.


download the call here! see the wonderland page here!

Deadline for submission 16th of June, 2013

next Wonderlabs: Berlin, Spring 2014 // Kiew, Autumn 2014

Funded by City of Vienna, ÖBB Immobilienmanagement GmbH, European Cultural Foundation, Architekturzentrum WienWohnfonds WienSozialbau AG, Deutsches Architekturzentrum (Berlin Wonderlab), Canactions (Kiev Wonderlab), Austrian Chamber of ArchitectsAustrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture.

Curator: Roland Krebs / Clemens Bauder